A Walk In The Park

Photograph by Thomas Nugent

A Walk In The Park

"A Walk In The Park" is an opportunity for PGDE students to explore interdisciplinary learning. We will be using Kelvingrove Park as a 'lens' to examine various contemporary issues, ways of thinking and ways of seeing, aiming to explore opportunities for learning in, through and about a local, outdoor context to support the Broad General Education.

We will focus on using materials, ideas and stimuli that we meet in our everyday lives as inspiration for learning and deep and contextualised engagement with the curriculum. The materials can be accessed and used in different ways to support and challenge your thinking, and you may find them useful as you think about planning for learning within placement and as you look ahead to your induction or probation.


Kelvingrove Park was partly designed by Joseph Paxton, and lies near the University of Glasgow, Park Circus and the Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum. It is currently a very popular park, used by many people who live, work and study nearby.